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Foster Care Scheme (Vatsalaya)

Details The Foster Care Scheme (Vatsalaya) is being implemented by the Department of Women & Child Development, Government of Goa to provide temp…

Goa Village & Municipal Child Committee Grants And Awards Scheme

Details Introduced in the year 2015-16, the scheme "Goa Village & Municipal Child Committee Grants and Awards Scheme (GVMCCGS)" covers …

Scheme For Subsidy On Interest For Establishment Of 1 To 20 Milch Animal Farm For Scheduled Tribe

Details The scheme “Scheme for Subsidy on Interest for Establishment of 1 to 20 Milch Animal Farm for Scheduled Tribe” was started by the Dept. of Ag…

Details India-Afghanistan Fellowship Programme started in 2010-11 with 115 fellowships every year for pursuing Master's and Ph.D in Indian Agri…

Subsidy for the Purchase of Fiber-reinforced Plastic Cattamaran

Details The scheme "Subsidy for the Purchase of Fiber-reinforced Plastic Cattamaran/ Vallam/ Wooden Nava/ Marine Plywood Canoe With Nets" i…
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